Autel FCA SGW Update 1 Year

Autel FCA SGW Update 1 Year

kr 2.849.00 Inkl MVA


To protect vehicle security, FCA has installed a SWG (Security Gateway) system on the vehicle models since 2018, which means that the diagnostic functions of these new models cannot be operated by third-party diagnostic devices. Autel’s diagnostic devices are officially approved by the FCA, so with this license you will have full access again. You will then be able to carry out a complete diagnosis of the brands Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Chrysler, Lancia, Dodge/RAM and Jeep.

Supporting devices

MX808, MX808TS, DS808TS DS808 – DS808BT – DS808TS ITS600, BT608 Autel MS906 -MS906BT – MS906TS MS908 – MS908S MS908Pro – MS908SPro MS Elite MS906S, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro TS IM608, IM6078 Pro MS909 – MS919 – Ultra


The FCA carries out approvals on Wednesdays. So we have to have the order in before the end of Tuesday. Otherwise, it takes 1 more week to activate the license. About 2 working days for activation. You must have an active update license on the device. If you don’t have that, this license won’t work either. It is not possible to buy a license if the device is not activated. (First time boot)


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